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Friday, November 20, 2009

Accessing JDK6 web services using JDK 5 JVM in JBoss

Most of us had this trouble especially if you are a service consumer.
  1. I had this same trouble and thought this might help many of us.
  2. I had a service provider who asked me to generate client jar using their WSDL with JDK6.0
  3. But my application was running in JBoss with a SUN JVM5.
  4. When ever I try to access this web services, I always had trouble "CatalogManager" not found.
  5. I figured out that this class is in JDK6 \ jre\lib\rt.jar, but my classpath was set to use JDK5.
To overcome this situation I did the following
<li> jaxb-api.jar (Specification-Version: 2.1)
<li> jaxb-impl.jar(Specification-Version: 2.1)
<li> jaxb-xjc.jar(Specification-Version: 2.1)
<li> jaxws-api.jar(Specification-Version: 2.1)
<li> jaxws-rt.jar(Specification-Version: 2.1)
<li> jaxws-tools.jar(Specification-Version: 2.1)
<li> webservices-rt.jar Specification-Version: 1.0
Add these to the JBoss-->server-default-lib and you should be able to access this JDK 6 services from a jdk5 client. 

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