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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Adjust settings for CTRL + SHIFT + F in eclipse

In many a situations, your code will be line wraps after 80 characters by default.
You may want to change it for readability purpose.
Here is an alternative to change this settings in your eclipse.

1. Windows--> Preferences-->Java -->Code Style-->Formatter
2. Select Java Conventions [Built-in] from the Active Profile
3. Click on Edit
4. Go to the TAB named “Line Wrapping”.
5. Under General Settings  , change the Maximum Line Width fro, 80 to your number
6. Under the preview section, Set Line Width for preview window from 80 to your number
7. You may have to rename the profile as MyProfile_Java_Profile since built ins are READ-ONLY
Now go to your source and press CTRL + SHIFT +F , you will see that all line breaks are after your number

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